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Objective Assessment of Hearing: Principles of Auditory Evoked Potentials in Paeds & Adult Populations_CPD24-1768

Ended 20 Nov 2023

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Full course description

2 Day CPD Course 3rd - 4th November 2023

Learning Objective
To provide a detailed overview of the generation and measurement of evoked potentials from the central nervous system, with special reference to auditory evoked potentials in paediatric and adult populations.

Module Content: Different types of evoked potentials from the central nervous system including somatosensory, visual and auditory evoked potentials.  The different generators of auditory evoked potentials, the principles of its measurement and its use in clinical practice. This will include:                                                        
•The principles of generation of evoked potentials in response to sensory stimuli including auditory stimuli
•Evidence related to the different protocols for measurement of auditory evoked potentials and the variables affecting these measurements
•Evidence related to the clinical application of auditory evoked potentials in children and adults
•Interpretation of evoked potentials test results according to best practice guidelines
•An understanding of the use of late evoked potentials, including event related potentials, in clinical practice.
A mission of the module is to engage a diverse group of allied health, educational and medical professionals in expanding and progressing their professional capacities in relation to hearing and balance related patient needs. A distinct benefit of the module is the opportunity for networking across the disciplines.