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Psychological Management of Tinnitus: Principles of CBT & Mindfulness - CPD24-1769

Ended 3 Dec 2023

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Full course description

Learning Objective of course:
To address psychological models of tinnitus and how they can explain the burden of tinnitus. The different management protocols derived from such models will be discussed, with special emphasis on CBT-based therapies.
Module Content:Pathways of central tinnitus, the psychological effects of tinnitus and different models to explain them, including Hallam's habituation model, the neuro-physiological model and the cognitive behavioral model. The evidence-base of CBT-based therapies will be a focus. This will include:
•Different theories related to the generation and establishment of tinnitus within the central auditory pathway
•The impact of tinnitus on the individual’s quality of life and their families
•The main theories explaining the psychological effects of tinnitus
•The cognitive, social and educational challenges in tinnitus management and the evidence-base of different psychological protocols
•The principles of CBT and mindfulness, and their application to tinnitus management
A mission of the module is to engage a diverse group of allied health, educational and medical professionals in expanding and progressing their professional capacities in relation to hearing and balance related patient needs. A distinct benefit of the module is the opportunity for networking across the disciplines.