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Image for Bystander Intervention Course, UCC Bystander Intervention - Workplace (002CPD) is a Course

Bystander Intervention - Workplace (002CPD)


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The aim of the UCC Bystander Intervention Programme is to highlight the danger of normalising and accepting abusive behaviour and through education, inform and empower programme participants to better understand their capacity to intervene as pro-social bystanders.


The programme is available to users who are external to UCC through the Canvas Catalog platform and consists of approximately 2 hours online training with 5 self-directed modules. 


The Bystander Intervention Programme supports participants to identify unacceptable behaviour, especially sexual hostility, harassment and violence and cultivates their personal sense of responsibility to make a safe and effective intervention where they are a witness to problematic behaviour. It also enables them to develop a range of key intervention skills which can be utilised in any setting.