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Global Citizenship and Development Education (Third Level Staff Award) - CPD1757 is a Course

Global Citizenship and Development Education (Third Level Staff Award) - CPD1757


Sorry! The enrolment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

UCC or other third level staff will: 

1.     Attend six two-hour workshops, with a view to understanding GCDE approaches to pedagogy, research and practice. They will start in mid-February 2022, time and date will be agreed with participants, a blended delivery approach maybe used;   

2.     Work together, using a participatory action research approach, to explore how each participant might integrate GCDE into their work.  We will also discuss the value and possibilities of cross-disciplinary approaches.  This process will result in the development of a series of case studies which will be curated on the Praxis website, which will be distributed widely in academic and GCDE sectors, and which will contribute to a ‘living’ GCDE in Higher Education report which will be updated each year as new staff participate;   

3.     Some staff may work together as a group. This is particularly the case if an entire department or discipline is working together on this project;   

4.     For those who wish to do so we will work with the GCDE sector and with local and global South community and academic partners, particularly in relation to areas of joint actions in real-world settings;   

5.     For those who wish to do so participants will co-write a peer-reviewed article for an academic journal. 

Duration: Six 2-hour workshops and research (approx. 30 hours self-directed learning).

Dates: to be confirmed, Semester 2 2021/22 academic year