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academic studies ULC22006 Digital Badge Package: ULC22003 (Tuesdays) and ULC22002 (Weds) is a Programme

ULC22006 Digital Badge Package: ULC22003 (Tuesdays) and ULC22002 (Weds)


Spots remaining: 20

€310 Enrol

Full programme description

This Digital Badge Package is delivered online. You can also register for the courses separately (see course pages for ULC22001 and ULC22004).

This is a 5-week course (2 x 2 hour sessions a week = 20 hours in total)

ULC22005 package is delivered online Tuesdays

Tuesdays from 2pm-4pm (Academic Language for Reading & Writing)

Thursdays from 2pm-4pm (Academic Language for Speaking & Listening)


For more information on course content, please visit the individual course pages:

ULC22002 - Academic Language for Reading and Writing

ULC22003 - Academic Language for Listening and Speaking

Package Dates:

Wednesday 26th Jan to Wednesday 10th March 2022

Wednesday 2nd March to Wednesday 14th April 2022

Tuesday 25th Jan to Tuesday 10th March 2022


Tuesday 1st March to Tuesday 12th April 2022

Registration closing date: