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Nurturing Bright Futures NBF001_Nurturing Bright Futures is a Course

NBF001_Nurturing Bright Futures

Started 28 Mar 2022


Full course description

The Nurturing Bright Futures space will provide you with the opportunity to engage with your future career journey and it will equip you with skills and tools that you can carry into your chosen degree when you start college. It is designed to empower you to start thinking about the decisions that will impact your future.  It will help you to develop independent and critical thinking skills and will also help you to make the most of your support networks such as your friends, family, Guidance Counsellors and teachers.

This six-module course has been designed to equip you with the information you need as you prepare to transition into third level educationWe hope it will be especially helpful for those of you who cannot access our campus easily, for a range of different reasons. It is designed to be interactive and for you to engage with the material.  It will create spaces for you to undertake self-reflective exercises and will stimulate conversations - with your friends, family, teachers, Guidance Counsellors, and also with yourself - to optimise your university-readiness.  This course is all about you and empowering you to make informed decisions and the best choices for your future career.

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