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Recognising and Responding to Technology-Facilitated Abuse : Digital Badge IT001 is a Course

Recognising and Responding to Technology-Facilitated Abuse : Digital Badge IT001

Started 19 Feb 2024

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Full course description

The module aims to increase awareness of TFA and will support participants recognition, understanding of TFA and increase their awareness of the appropriate legal response to TFA.  


What is the purpose of this course?

The aim of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to recognise and respond to technology-facilitated abuse (TFA).

Who is this course for?

The primary use of this training is as a resource for frontline responders and allied professionals such as.

· Gardaí

· Doctors

· Nurses

· Social workers

· Pharmacists

This training module is also a valuable resource for:

· University Staff

· University Students

· and other community members who may be supporting someone at risk of technology-facilitated abuse


What is covered in the course?

· What is Technology-Facilitated Abuse

· Technology and how it can be misused

· Supporting Vulnerable Groups Experiencing TFA

· Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

· Safe and Secure Technology

· Stalkerware

· Safe Social Media

· Image Based Abuse

· Safety by Design

· Collecting Evidence

· eSafety Planning

Technology-Facilitated Abuse (TFA) is the use of technology to harness, stalk, control, impersonate or threaten someone.


This course aims to provide domestic and family abuse frontline workers, support workers and the general population with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to help clients, colleagues, family & friends protect and empower themselves and their families online. 

The concept of TFA is wide-ranging and inclusive of many subtypes of interpersonal violence and abuse and TFA often utilises mobile, online and other digital technologies.  While there is limited research on the frequency of TFA in Ireland, Australian Research indicates 99% of Australian victims of domestic and family violence have also experienced technology-facilitated abuse and international research (Australian E-Safety Commissioner, 2022).  


The programme has been adapted for the Irish context from the Australian E-Safety Commissioner Course “Technology-facilitated abuse in domestic and family violence situations” 

It has been developed in conjunction with Safe Ireland and Cyber Awareness Ireland.