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academic reading & writing ULC22001 Academic Language Reading & Writing (Tuesdays) is a Course

ULC22001 Academic Language Reading & Writing (Tuesdays)

Ended Nov 30, 2021

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Full course description

This Digital Badge Short Course is delivered online.

Academic Language for Reading & Writing

This is a 5-week course (1 x 2 hour sessions a week = 10 hours in total).  

Day/Time: Courses will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2pm-4pm. Please register for one of the days only. 

Course Dates:

Tuesday 2nd November to Tuesday 30th November 2021

REGISTRATION CLOSING DATE - Tuesday 2nd November 2021

Level: This course is aimed at those who are beginning to develop their academic language for reading and writing.

Assessment: Assessment is minimal on this course as the main aim of this course is for participants to apply what they are learning to their academic work. However, to receive the digital badge there is a short review assessment at the end of the course.


Academic Language for Reading & Writing: This course will give you the opportunity to reflect on differences between your previous education, learn about what is expected at UCC and develop the language for academic reading and writing.

These are some of the areas that the course focuses on:

             Academic Reading:

Developing critical readings skills via critical reading questions, selecting appropriate and credible sources using the CRAPP test, using synthesizing grids to make notes to help synthesise and incorporate sources into your writing

Academic Writing:

Developing language techniques to effectively paraphrase, using hedging to add caution to your writing to avoid overgeneralisations when giving opinions, making arguments or claims, using language to create cohesion and coherence to help your writing read more smoothly, using language to integrate and synthesise reading sources, identifying the differences between descriptive, analytical, evaluative and reflective writing

Cost for one Digital Badge Course:  €160

Cost for two Digital Badge Courses:  €310 - Register for both courses at: ULC22005

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