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Group Discussion

ULC22004 (Fridays) Academic Language for Listening and Speaking

Ended 27 Oct 2023

Sorry! The enrolment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

This Digital Badge Short Course is delivered online.

Academic Language for Speaking & Listening

This is a 5-week course (1 x 2 hour sessions a week = 10 hours in total)

Day/Time: Courses will be running on Fridays from 2pm-4pm

Choice of Course Dates:

(Fridays 2-4 pm). 29th September –  27th October 2023


Level: This course is aimed at those who are beginning to develop their academic language for listening and speaking.

Assessment: Assessment is minimal on this course as the main aim of this course is for participants to apply what they are learning to their academic work. However, to receive the digital badge there is a short review assessment at the end of the course.


Academic Language for Speaking & Listening: This course will enable you to build confidence and fluency in your academic speaking skills. You will be able to practice deconstructing lectures and using different strategies to enhance your academic listening skills.  You will also have opportunities to practice your speaking in group discussions using suggested useful phrases.

These are some of the areas that the course focuses on:

             Academic Listening:

Raising awareness of strategies to deconstruct lectures to aid comprehension such as identifying discourse markers and speakers stance/attitude, focusing on questions to encourage active listening, being better able to understand the different opinions of students participating in discussions.

Academic Speaking:

Developing appropriacy and flexibility to communicate in academic discussions, using appropriate language and strategies to contribute meaningfully to discussions such as developing range of functional language (e.g phrases for negotiating meaning, sharing opinions) and developing pronunciation and articulation in relation to the English Lingua Franca core.

Cost for one Digital Badge Course:  €160

Other Digital Badge Course:  ULC22001 Academic Language for Reading and Writing Tuesdays 2pm-4pm.

Cost for two Digital Badge Courses:  €310 - Register for both courses either at: ULC22005 (Digital Badge Package)